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Casetext Announces Compose Brief Drafting, Built In to Microsoft Word

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Attorneys can find arguments and use Parallel Search for legal research directly from a draft in Word

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Legal technology company Casetext today announces that their ground-breaking brief drafting technology Compose is now available as an add-in to Microsoft Word. This means that attorneys will be able to discover and add arguments, legal standards, and precedent without ever leaving their drafts in Word. 

The Microsoft Word version of Compose includes all the motions and features available in the original Compose application: a menu of click-to-add arguments, legal standards customized to the attorney’s side and jurisdiction, and Parallel Search, a novel form of concept-based legal search which uses a sentence to find matching case law, even if it includes none of the same language. 

“Compose already increases efficiency in brief-drafting by 4x, in part because it cuts out the need for attorneys to bounce between templates, treatises, case law databases, and a DMS in order to put together a solid draft,” said Jake Heller, Casetext CEO and co-founder. “By embedding the Compose technology directly into attorneys’ existing workflows, attorneys will be able to increase efficiency even more dramatically.” 

“Casetext Compose, with its transformer-based neural network, is certainly game-changing technology; however, putting that technology inside Microsoft Word is ingenious,” said Chris Austin, Director of Information Governance at Bowman and Brooke. “The Casetext Compose Word Add-in not only eliminates the irritating problems associated with software: such as updates and compatibility issues, but virtually eliminates training. Attorneys are comfortable working within Microsoft Word and can begin using Compose after only a few minutes. Having powerful Compose technology in an environment that they are used to, allows attorneys to produce higher quality and more efficient briefs.”

Compose for Microsoft Word will be available to any attorney or law firm with a Compose subscription, and will initially be free to try. Attorneys can request access at, or reach out to for more information. 


About Casetext:

Casetext is a legal technology company that develops tools to help attorneys efficiently provide high-quality representation. Casetext offers a comprehensive legal research platform used by over 7,000 law firms. The platform includes CARA A.I., the original search-by-brief legal research tool. In 2020, Casetext introduced Compose: first-of-its-kind technology that assists attorneys in drafting motions by providing tailored arguments, legal standards, and case law. 


Hannah Doherty