CNN interviews Casetext CEO on ChatGPT risks and benefits

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Casetext CEO Jake Heller, a leader in the legal tech industry with a background in Big Law, was interviewed by correspondent Vanessa Yurkevich for a segment on CNN This Morning to discuss risks associated with ChatGPT, the chatbot launched by OpenAI in November 2022. 

In addition to Heller, Yurkevich sat down with experts across industries, including Gary F. Marcus, a cognitive scientist and leading voice in the field of AI, and Jack Po, CEO of Ansible Health, among others.  

Po had ChatGPT take three versions of the U.S. medical licensing exam, and it successfully passed all three. He and his team of 30 doctors use the AI to help with treatment for COPD patients. Po stated the technology already enables his team to suggest ideas they might not be thinking of at all and that “[i]t will absolutely save lives.”

The chatbot is also being used by CEOs to draft emails and has even passed an exam given by the prestigious Wharton Business School.

When asked by Yurkevich whether people should be more excited or fearful about ChatGPT’s capabilities, AI expert Marcus stated “we should have a mixed view” of the technology because its output is not always reliable. 

Heller and Po agreed, with both saying human oversight of ChatGPT is still necessary.

“In law, there absolutely are right and wrong answers,” Heller explained, which is why “ChatGPT alone is not going to be enough to handle some of the most important questions in fields like law.”

Heller also outlined some of the ways the technology could benefit attorneys. “You could have it read police reports” and “see if witnesses gave contradictory testimony,” he said. “You can almost certainly help find information that is pertinent to guilt or innocence.”

Yurkevich also noted that while educational institutions are concerned about students abusing ChatGPT and its potential negative impacts on learning, major businesses like Microsoft—who is investing billions of dollars in OpenAI—think it’s a good bet, even with some risks.

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