Casetext CEO expresses support for ChatGPT in legal education

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Casetext CEO and co-founder, Jake Heller, recently spoke with Reuters on how OpenAI’s chatbot, ChatGPT, can be leveraged as a tool in legal education and law practice. 

Heller stated law schools should encourage students to use ChatGPT and similar artificial intelligence tools as a starting point for documents and a way to generate ideas. 

“It’s no different than turning to a friend in the law library late and night and saying, ‘Hey, I’m struggling with this idea,’” Heller said. “It’s like using a calculator in math.”

Two law professors recently evaluated ChatGPT’s performance on the MBE section of the Bar Exam. While the Chatbot’s correct rate was just over 50%, the AI did achieve passing scores in the Evidence and Torts sections of the exam, performing better than expected. 

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